Sauer is the latest company to use the term “restorative” to describe its efforts to improve care in the U.S.A.

Sauer and other firms are also using the word to describe the way in which they offer care to their employees.

Sauer said in a statement that it has “frequently used the term” to refer to its practices, and said that “we recognize that it is a term that is appropriate for our business.”

In a statement, the company said its policies for care, which are based on the principle of the human person as “one with the human body,” do not include the use of drugs or treatments.

“We are committed to using the best and most effective therapies available and we encourage our employees to seek the best health care available in their workplace,” the statement said.

Särber said it will be publishing an “additional resource” to help people find affordable health care services and said it has a “very strong commitment” to reducing access to care for people with disabilities and the elderly.