Health care providers that receive federal dollars will receive additional funding in 2017 under the federal Affordable Care Act, which is aimed at helping states expand access to affordable care.

Oregon Health Care System, for example, received $5.4 billion in federal funding last year, according to the federal Office of Management and Budget.

State and local governments will also receive additional funds to help with costs and provide support for patients.

Oregon is expected to receive $6 billion from the federal health care law, which was signed into law on March 5.

The state will also have $3.4 million to support the implementation of the Medicaid expansion, which Oregon will expand statewide in 2020.

Oregon health officials say the health system has already implemented a number of new measures to increase access to care and expand services.

The Oregon Health Plan also will receive $4.5 billion in funding from the Affordable website.

It will expand the use of the state-funded health care exchange and provide additional funding to Oregon Health Insurance Authority.

The Health Care Choice Network will receive an additional $1.1 billion in funds to expand and expand care through the network.

The Medicaid expansion will also be expanded to Oregon by 2020.

The remaining funding will go to help Oregon expand and improve the state’s health care delivery system.

Oregon Gov.

Kate Brown announced the federal funding on Monday.

The governor said the additional funds will allow Oregon to increase health care access for the state population.

“This is a major step forward in providing more access to health care in Oregon,” Brown said in a news release.

“These funds will also ensure that Oregon can continue to compete for state Medicaid funding.”

Oregon Health Services received $1 billion from federal government funding in the 2016 fiscal year.

Oregon Health and Science University received $2.2 billion in the same fiscal year and Oregon Health Care and Community Services received a combined $3 billion.

The funding is part of a broader federal effort to expand health care options.

Federal Health Care Improvement ActOregon will receive another $2 billion from Medicaid.

The state is also getting $1 million in additional federal funds to improve access to preventive care.

State leaders say the additional federal money will help Oregon provide a level playing field for patients who may need it the most.

Oregon has been under federal pressure to expand Medicaid in recent years as the state has struggled to pay for its high cost of care.

The federal government has given states a variety of options for providing care to low-income residents.

The federal government is providing an additional two years of additional federal funding to help states expand Medicaid coverage to more people.

The money will also go toward expanding services, including new treatment centers, mental health clinics, emergency rooms and outpatient departments.

Oregon will be among several states that will receive Medicaid funding to expand care and provide access to services.

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