How do you make sure that you get top-notch health care in Australia?

For many Australians, the answer is through their employer, which is why the Australian Health Care Quality Authority is set up to provide a universal coverage option to employers across the country.

But this year, it has found that the universal option has not worked out well for some workers, with a high proportion reporting being turned away by their employer when applying for coverage, according to the ABC.

The Authority has received more than 40 complaints since the rollout of the universal coverage, with one worker, who asked to remain anonymous, saying that the agency refused to extend her coverage because of the cost of her employer.

“When I applied for coverage through my employer, I was told that I had to pay a $300 premium,” she said.

“That was the only reason I was offered a universal plan, and I can’t even imagine why they would offer this to someone who has no income and no money to spend.”

The company that is providing the coverage should be taking a stand to provide universal coverage to all Australians, not just those with higher incomes.

“The ABC has contacted the Department of Health for comment.

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