The United States has already started the process of vaccinating people for the HPV vaccine, which is expected to go into widespread use in the next few years.

But some families are still worried about getting it.

Shauna Kann of Texas told CBS News that she has been worried about the vaccine since her first child was born.

Kann said she didn’t want her baby to get a vaccine for the virus because of the risk of infection with the HPV virus.

“We wanted to make sure that my baby wasn’t going to get that vaccine,” she said.

But now that she’s a mother of two, Kann says she feels the need to protect her family.

“I’m still scared that I’m going to catch the virus.

It’s not like I’m on the pill, it’s not,” Kann told CBS.

“My husband and I have been taking it for six months and I don’t feel good.

I feel like I need to take the vaccine to make my baby feel safe.”

But if she has to take a pill, Kanna will.

Kanna is worried about her baby.

“If I take a shot and I get an infection, my baby will get the vaccine.

If I get a sore throat or my baby gets the vaccine, I’m concerned that I’ll get it too,” Kanna told CBS, adding that she plans to vaccinate her baby’s baby, but will have to wait a few weeks.

K Ann is worried her baby will have a reaction to the vaccine and will have an infection.

“But if I have a sore neck or a sore cough or my mom has a cold, I’ll feel better,” K Ann said.

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) says it’s too early to tell how well the HPV vaccines are doing.

But it’s still encouraging for some parents to keep their vaccines.

“Parents who have been following all the vaccine guidelines can rest assured that their vaccine is working.

We will continue to update the vaccine schedule, the vaccine regimen, and the vaccine availability for families and communities,” NVIC Director Jennifer Lassen said in a statement.

KANN said she is also hoping to get her daughter vaccinated.

“It’s really important that we protect my baby from the vaccine,” KANN told CBS last week.

“Because the vaccine can be very dangerous and it is a very powerful vaccine and I’m hoping that we can protect her from it.”

KANN, who lives in the Dallas area, has two older children, ages 10 and 11, and she says it is important to get vaccinated for the best chance of their protection.

But she’s worried that the HPV vaccinations may have been overhyped, or that the vaccine is not as effective as she expected.

“The number one concern for me is that we’ve been told that we are getting the most vaccine ever,” K ANN said.

“When we were all babies, we had the highest vaccination ever.

But I think it is very important that the parents who are making the vaccine decisions are being honest with themselves and to their children.”

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