The first step to getting health insurance coverage from your local provider is to fill out the local health care provider survey.

The survey asks you some basic questions, including your name, address, phone number, city and state.

You’ll need to provide your health insurance status and whether or not you are eligible for a tax credit.

After you’ve filled out your information, you’ll receive a call that will ask you to fill in your tax information.

Then the county will provide you with a health insurance tax receipt.

To receive your tax receipt, you need to send it to the county health care office in your county.

The office will then call you to schedule an appointment with a county health plan representative to help you get the correct information.

Once you’ve received your tax return, you can submit it to your local county health department for verification.

You can check on your status by visiting the county’s website or calling the county directly.

You can also call your county’s county health administrator at (803) 767-5120.

They’ll help you determine if you’re eligible for the tax credit or if you still need to complete the survey.

If you have questions, contact the county Health Care Coordinator for the county you’re considering.