The Trump administration on Wednesday announced a new program to offer cheaper coverage to millions of older Americans through Medicare Part A, the government-run health care program for the elderly.

The move will allow Medicare beneficiaries to get coverage for as little as $300 a month.

The move, which was expected to generate a lot of excitement among the elderly, could come as a surprise to many people, including retirees and people with disabilities who are not covered by Medicare.

Medicare is one of the most popular government-sponsored health care programs, and it covers people from most income levels, including many who do not have jobs.

Medicare pays for the cost of prescription drugs and services, but some seniors can pay part of their prescription drug costs out of pocket.

The Obama administration expanded Medicare to cover more older Americans than any other federal program, with more than 22 million people receiving coverage in 2016.

The new program will expand eligibility for Part A to those 55 and older, but not everyone will get the coverage.

“I’m happy to say that we’ve added a new Medicare Part B, which I’ve always been a fan of,” President Donald Trump said during a press conference Wednesday.

“It’s a good program for older Americans.

They’re really nice people, and I’m really happy to see it.”

The announcement comes after more than three years of debate over the Affordable Care Act, the 2010 health care law President Barack Obama signed into law, which has seen the enrollment of millions of people under the age of 65.

The administration initially said it would expand the program to people 65 and older but was forced to pull it after Democrats objected to the idea of Medicare Part C, the public option that would have covered Medicare beneficiaries.

The proposal was also rejected by the Senate in June, and Republicans in Congress have yet to agree on a replacement plan.

Medicare is one the few programs that are open to all Americans, and the administration said it is looking at ways to offer coverage to the entire Medicare population.

It also announced that the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program would get $1 billion to help cover Medicare Part K costs.

Under the Medicare Part H program, Medicare will cover some Medicare Advantage enrollees, but the payments will only be made to people who are eligible.

Part H enrollees would be able to receive an additional $100 a month for their prescription drugs, and an additional charge of $200 for a doctor visit.

The Trump plan would extend the Medicare benefit to Medicare Advantage plans, but only for the first three years.

Medicaid, the nation’s largest public insurance program for low-income Americans, also is getting a boost.

The Department of Health and Human Services announced that states would be eligible to expand Medicaid to people eligible for the federal program.

The plan was first unveiled in September 2016 and has been under consideration since then.