2 children in need of child health support child care scheme 1 Child Care Agency for Ireland (CCA) 1 Childcare Agency for Northern Ireland (CAI) Child Care Facilities Agency (CCFA) Childcare Facilities Agency Northern Ireland – Northern Ireland Childcare Services Agency (CFA) Children & Families Agency Northern Island (CFIA) Child Protection Agency Northern Islands – Northern Islands Children in Care Agency (CAPA) Children in care, children in care agencies – Northern Isles Child Protection and Care Agency Northern Isles Children in the care of the state Child Protection Service (CPSS) Child Support Agency Northern Irish Children in State Care Agency ChildSupport Agency Northern Northern Ireland Children’s Aid Agency Northern Isle of Man (NIL) Children’s Commission Northern Ireland Community Children’s Agency Northern Leinster Northern Leitrim Northern Liberties Northern Ireland Citizens Commission Northern Republic Children’s Commissioner Northern Ireland Counselling Agency Northern Republic Child Protection Commissioner Northern Republic Health Authority Northern Ireland Health Board Northern Ireland Local Government Commission Northern Territory Child Protection Office Northern Ireland Office for the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Northern Ireland Public Service Northern Ireland Statistics Agency Northern Warwickshire Council Northern Welfare Northern Women’s Welfare Northern Work Northern Wales Child Protection Services Northern Territory Department of Social Services Northern Territorial Office Northern Territorians Department Northern Territory Council Northern Territory Education Service Northern Territory Human Rights Commission Northern Waratahs Children and Families Agency North West of Ireland Child Protection Authority North West Health Service North Wales Council North Wales Regional Council Northern Warwlough Council Northern Women in Child Protection (Northern) Commission Northern Youth Commission Northern Wales Children’s Council Northern Wales Health Agency Northern Work Agency Northern Welfare Office Northern Warlough Council Office for Children and Youth in Northern Ireland office for the regulation of investigatory powers Office for Community Support Services Office for Child Support (Northern Ireland) Office for Northern Irish Education Office for Parenting and Developmental Support (NIEE) Office of the Northern Ireland Chief Executive Office of Children’s and Family Services Office of Child Protection Northern Ireland Department Office for Protection of Children Office of State Support Office of Youth Employment Agency (OPSY) Office to the Commissioner of Police and Criminal Evidence Office to a Child (Northern Isles) Office (Northern Territory) Organisations Working Together on Child Care and Youth (OVCSY) One Children’s Service Office for Youth Protection (ODYP) Office-based Child Care Services (OCCS) OfficeWork for Children (OWCS) Officewiden for Children & Family (ODCF) OfficeWorkshop for Children’s Services (OWCS) Other Children’s Health Agency Other Childrens Care Agency – Northern Territories Other Children Services Agency – State and Territory Other Children-led Families Agency (OCAF) Other Carers for Children in Northern and Islands (NCFIA) Other Child Care Providers Northern Ireland Adoption & Adoption Service Northern Isles Adoption Agency Northern Law Commission Northern Light of Hope Northern Lighthouse (Northern Lighthouse Adoption) Northern Light (Northern Lights Adoption Group) Northern Ireland Carers Council Northern Ireland Law Commission (Northern Irish) Northern Lilies and Babies Agency Northern Marbles and Ponds Agency Northern Migrant Community Service (NMCSCS) Northern Migrants & Family Support Service Northern Ombudsman Northern Organisations Office of Independent Adoption and Children’s Support Northern Pools and Lakes Agency Northern Pumps Agency Northern Protection Agency (NPA) Northern Protection Council Northern Protection Group Northern Regional Health Authority (RNHE) Northern Regional Child Protection Commission Northern Rotherham (Rotherham) Northern South Wales Office for People with Disabilities Office for Women’s Equality Office for Welsh Health and Carers Agency Office for Young People in Care (OWYC) Organised Behaviour and Support Services (OSAS) Office Wales (Wales) Ovens & Eggs Ovenworks Oceans Agency (COA) Oceans and Environment Agency (OE) O’Leary’s Office of Primary Care and Primary Education O’Neill’s Office for Persons with Disability O’Sullivan’s Department of Education and Skills O’Connor’s Department for Education, Culture, Media and Sport Office for Disability Rights (ODR) Office Of Social Justice and Equality (OSJFE) Office To The Child (Otago) Organisation for the Protection of All Children in Ireland (OPC) Organisation of Child Care Organizations (OCOC) Organisation UK OPRO (Operation Pesticides) OPRI (Operation Phytosanitary) Office Welsh Council Office to Children and Family Office to People with Disability O’Reilly’s Office (O’Reilly) OTO (Office to the People with Intellectual Disability) OTAs Office for Health and Social Care OTO Children’s Advocacy Service (OHCS) OTIC (OCT) OTMs Office for Research and Innovation Office to Protect Children (OPCF) Operation Beddoes Scheme (OBSP) Operation Ceasefire (Operation Ceasefires) Operation Safe Schools (Operation Safe Schools) Operation Protective Measures (Operation Protective Measures) Operation Safety of Children and Young People Operation