It is possible that football will return to the Olympic Games in 2020.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced in November that it will decide by the end of next year whether the games will continue in the same format.

If that decision is taken, the Games would take place in 2022.

However, there are still many questions to be answered, and some will remain unanswered.

What if the Games were to stop being about playing?

Many athletes have already said they will be at the Games in 2021.

However the decision to discontinue the Games will not be made until 2021.

This means that athletes will still have the opportunity to compete in the 2020 Games in the event that they are not eligible to participate.

What about the athletes who have already been selected?

There are many reasons why athletes have not yet been chosen.

There have been discussions about the inclusion of all female athletes, although this is still subject to approval from the IOC.

There are also issues about whether female athletes will be allowed to compete.

This will be addressed later, and will be made clear in the 2022 Olympic Games programme.

What does the 2024 Games offer?

The 2024 Games will take place from July 23 to August 10 in Sydney, Australia.

The games will feature a number of events.

It will also be the first time that the men’s and women’s Olympic teams have competed together at the same event.

It is expected that many other events will also take place at the games.

The Olympic Committee also announced the participation of women’s athletes, which will allow them to participate in the opening ceremony.

The event will also feature a range of competitions and events, including rowing, canoeing, shooting, fencing, sailing, table tennis, and cycling.

The IOC will make further announcements on the future of the Games during the Games.

What is the Olympic Committee?

The IOC is an intergovernmental organisation of the sports governing body of the United Nations (UN) and is headed by the IOC President.

The Council of the European Union (CUE) is the executive arm of the CUE.

The executive committee of the Olympic Movement consists of the President of the IOC, the COC President, the IOC Executive Board and a committee of senior officials from the International Olympic Committees (IOM) and the Olympic Committees of the Member States of the UN.

It includes representatives from all the member states, and its meetings are open to all IOC members.

The European Union is a member of the IOM and the Council of Europe, and is part of the Committee of Ministers of the Council.

The Committee of Presidents is headed at the IOC by the President-elect of the member country, the President, and the Vice-President.

The members of the executive committee are elected by the IOA membership.

All the members of an IOC Executive Committee have the right to be reappointed at any time, but the decision on this matter is taken by the COO.

The COO is the President’s representative at the meetings of the Executive Committee.

What are the Olympic Organisations (OOC) and what are the IOC rules?

The Olympic Committees are part of three bodies, the International Athletics Federation (IAAF), the International Paralympic Committee (IPCC) and International Swimming Federation (ISSF).

The IOC has seven member organisations: the COSOC, the Council for the Olympic Programme, the Board of Directors of the International Committee of Athletics Federations (ICAF), and the International Federation of Associations of Athletics Associations (IFAA).

These organisations operate independently of each other and have separate legal and regulatory frameworks.

The IOA is the umbrella body for the three OOCs, as the COSE does not have a formal relationship with either organisation.

In the future, the IOBA is expected to be one of the organisations which will take over from the Cose in the future.

What should the athletes be watching out for?

The Games will also see the return of the men and women of the sport to the field for the first day of the competition.

The Games have become more competitive in recent years, and many athletes have been selected for the event.

As a result, the athletes competing in the men will be expected to perform in a very high level of intensity.

Athletes will be asked to perform well on all aspects of the event, including physical fitness and mental preparation.

The athletes will also have to deal with the pressures of the media, fans and the public during the competition and the post-event media coverage.

They will also face the pressure to prove their ability to compete at the highest level and in the best conditions.

The organisers of the 2020 games also had to deal well with the media and the press and have had to take precautions in order to protect their image.

However this has not been the case in the 2024 Olympic Games.

Why is the 2020 Olympic Games a priority for the IOC?

The 2020 Olympics will have a very special and