A Palestinian doctor in the West Bank has been arrested and charged with violating an Israeli law that requires doctors to perform the surgical procedure for the mother.

An Israeli police officer who was investigating a complaint against Aida Kedar for performing an abortion, found her at her home on Thursday and detained her on suspicion of violating the medical procedure law.

Kedar’s father, who lives in Israel, said he believed the arrest was related to her work for an Israeli NGO.

Kedar, a Palestinian born in the Gaza Strip, was arrested on suspicion that she violated the law, which requires doctors performing medical procedures to inform the Israeli government of the purpose of the procedure and provide the mother with an ultrasound, the Israeli military said.

The arrest was carried out in response to a complaint lodged by Kedar with the Israeli Civil Administration’s Criminal Investigations Bureau, which is the agency in charge of investigating medical violations in the occupied territories.

The Civil Administration oversees a number of legal complaints against Israeli medical professionals and is a part of the Israel Police, Israel’s military intelligence.

Kettleers father, Shmuel Kedar, said the Israeli police raided his home on Friday and confiscated documents from his office.

He said he was not notified of the charges against Kedar and that he was told the police were looking for a woman who performed abortions at her workplace in Tel Aviv.

He did not know why the Israeli authorities had been looking for Kedar at her job.

Karen Tzemach, the director of the organization Women of the World Israel, a nonprofit organization that advocates for women’s rights in the Occupied Territories, said she was shocked by the arrest.

“I feel very disappointed.

She is a very, very, highly respected physician in the area,” Tzumach said.

“She is a Palestinian who is very proud of her profession.

I hope she is released soon.

It is very disappointing.”