Kaiser Health Care, which serves the Bay Area, announced Friday that it will close its emergency department at least in part due to declining enrollment.

The Kaiser Health care has faced declining enrollment over the past few years and was the subject of a recent national survey showing that many Kaiser patients were seeing fewer doctors and fewer specialists.

The news was announced at the Kaiser Family Foundation annual meeting.

Kaiser said the hospital has been unable to maintain full staffing levels, and that it would be unable to continue to serve its patients as a result.

The hospital said it will continue to operate independently as a community-based, nonprofit organization.

Kaiser did not say how much of the $10 million it lost would go to pay for the closure.

Kaiser Health announced last week that it has been struggling to keep up with the growing demand for emergency services, particularly in the wake of a measles outbreak in California.

Kaiser and the state of California, which has the largest number of patients with COVID-19, are the two largest providers of COVID vaccines in the country.