How to Fix the VA Bothell Health System: What You Need to Know about the Problem article Health Care Disparities in the VA Botshell Health Care System Are Increasing by the Day – The VA Botheshell Health Service is currently facing an $8.4 billion budget deficit for fiscal year 2020 and it is expected to run into even greater budget deficits next year.

“The biggest challenge the VA faces right now is the ongoing shortage of health care specialists, doctors, nurses, administrators, pharmacists, and other staff,” VA Secretary David Shulkin told a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on Wednesday.

While Shulkins testimony was filled with details of VA’s staffing challenges, he made clear that the system is not facing any shortage of medical professionals.

He also told the panel that VA is continuing to invest in technology, but added that it is time to “change how we operate.”

“If we’re going to have an opportunity to create a new model of health systems, we’ve got to fix what’s broken,” Shulke said.

“We’ve got more than enough qualified people to work in a new system.

What’s broken is the current system.”

Shulkin also said the VA needs to overhaul its computer systems.

The VA is struggling to recruit new staff and to maintain its workforce as the federal government’s funding runs out, according to the agency.

VA is in the midst of an $80 million contract to buy a new medical software system that is expected in 2019.

In the meantime, the VA’s workforce is expected grow by more than 700 people, with about 40 percent of them retiring in 2019, according the Office of Personnel Management.

However, some of those positions will be filled by contractors.

Veterans Affairs Secretary David H. Shulki speaks to a press conference about the closure of VA hospitals in Washington, DC, October 25, 2018.

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)Shulke also announced that the VA is also facing a $8 billion budget shortfall for fiscal 2019.

That represents the largest budget shortfall in the agency’s history.

For fiscal 2019, the government has already received $18 billion in federal funds, and Shulka said it will cost the agency about $12 billion to balance its budget by the end of the year.

That means VA is facing a massive $827 million budget deficit by the time Shulkes budget is complete.

But Shulker’s announcement came with the caveat that VA will continue to provide health care services, and that he wants the VA to make a commitment to reduce the number of people that are waiting to see a doctor.

Shulkins stated that the government’s budget woes will only get worse.

Shulks budget is set to be released at the end the week, and VA officials have yet to announce how many more positions they will be looking to fill in the coming weeks.