Health insurance company Humana has revealed it has identified “significant” problems with a major policy breach.

Key points:Humana announced a major overhaul of its website, offering users a choice of two options, and it is looking to repair the issueThe company is now offering an option for users to change their mind, with a link to the “How to Fix” pageThe company says it has a fix in place and is looking for “a new partner to work with us on this”.

“We have identified significant issues in the site that may have impacted the quality and accessibility of products and services offered through Humana Health Plan,” Humana said in a statement.

“This is not an endorsement of any of our products or services.

For the time being, we are offering an additional option for Humana customers that allows them to choose to opt out of any future changes to their plan.”

The company has been trying to fix the issues since January, and has now posted a detailed plan of fixes on its website.

“Our website is experiencing technical issues.

Please go to to report these issues,” the statement said.”

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience as we work through this.”

Mr Anderson said the problem was “huge” and could have “serious consequences for many”.

“Humana’s website is a huge problem.

This could affect all Humana plans across the world, so it’s a very big deal,” he said. 

“This isn’t just a technical issue, this is a human issue, and we need to address it quickly.”

He said it was a “major blow” to the company’s reputation and business model.

“It’s going to be a major problem for Humane, it’s going’t just be a technical problem for us, it will be a human problem for many, many customers,” he added.

The company’s website went down for several hours on Tuesday morning, but returned on Wednesday afternoon.

“While we appreciate the frustration, we’re going to have a new partner that can help us to address the problem,” Mr Anderson said.

A spokesperson for the company said it had been “pursuing a number of solutions to address this issue, but the site remains unavailable”.

“Due to ongoing technical issues, the Humana website is currently unavailable,” the company statement said, adding that it was working with the authorities to resolve the problem. 

This was the second major incident at Humana.

In December, the company was hit by an issue that caused some of its customers to lose access to some health care services.

A company spokesperson said the company would offer a new version of the website and offered “remedies” for customers who had “previous problems”.