By JOE REEDMANCNNHealthCare Network host Joy Reid said the network’s coverage of Hurricane Katrina is “scary” for her.

The network aired an hourlong documentary on Tuesday titled “The Untold Story of Katrina,” which is available on YouTube.

It’s an exploration of the storm, from its aftermath to the recovery, according to a description on the network website.

The documentary was directed by Eric Sondheim, the acclaimed actor who plays the father of the character in the hit musical “Hamilton.”CNNMoney reviewed the documentary.

Reid said the documentary’s title is “pretty self-explanatory” but it does not say exactly what it shows.

“I was pretty freaked out, because it’s the most amazing documentary I’ve ever seen, but I was also kind of thrilled to see it because I thought it was just so beautiful,” she said.

“And it’s just so scary for me because I am a mother of four kids and I’m a nurse.”CNN said the film was shot in New Orleans, Louisiana, in June 2005.

Reckless, negligent, reckless conductReid added that she is worried about the public’s reaction to the documentary and how that could impact her health care and other jobs.

“They will make fun of my accent, they will make joke about my job, they’ll make jokes about my appearance, but they’re not going to see me as a person who is scared of this,” she told CNNMoney.

“I have been a very public advocate for public health, for the environment, for climate change, for people to be more active, for them to be safer, and now it’s about the health care industry.”

Reid has a background in public health.

She previously worked for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.CNNMoney reached out to the network for comment.

Reaction to the CNN doc is mixedCNN said in a statement to CNNMoney that it is “disappointed that a network that has spent the last two decades telling Americans about how brave they are is now being forced to cover a disaster that killed over 1,000 people.”

The network said that it plans to release the documentary “in the coming weeks.””CNN is a national network with more than one billion daily viewers, and we always strive to reflect the diverse voices of our audience,” the network said.

“Our public health reporting is always based on science and evidence, and CNN has made no bones about its commitment to providing that.”

Read more:CNN’s Katrina coverage:The Katrina documentary includes interviews with survivors, scientists, survivors’ families and local officials.CNN said that the documentary is a collaboration between CNN Health and the New Orleans Public Library, and it is available for free to viewers on YouTube and the CNN app.CNN has been airing “Unbeaten: A Journey Through Hurricane Katrina” on CNN on Sundays since February 18.

The show has also been airing in partnership with the New York Times.