Health Care workers who have worked in a health care facility in the past 10 years can be entitled to privacy and security of information protections, including the right to ask questions of staff and to be able to access the records of other staff.

The Australian Government is considering changes to the Privacy Act to ensure that healthcare workers and other employees in care have the right of access to personal information, including personal data.

Healthcare workers who are in a care facility must be able:Be entitled to ask staff questionsThe right to request a record of personal informationThe right of a care worker to access personal informationProvide a record to a care providerA record of the personal information collected by the care worker should include the name, address, contact details, date of birth, gender, occupation, date and time of birth and a link to this Privacy Act document.

A record can also be provided to a member of the public.

In the case of medical staff, health care workers are also entitled to access medical records and other health information.

The Government has been working with the profession to address privacy and access concerns, including through a range of mechanisms, including a review of the Privacy and Electronic Documents (Privacy and Electronic Records) Act 2003.

The Privacy Act is set out in the Act by a committee chaired by Health Minister Kate Jones.

The committee’s chair, Senator Fiona Nash, said the changes to Privacy Act 2016 would provide better protections for healthcare workers.

“Health care workers have been an important part of our nation’s health care system for decades,” Senator Nash said.

“The Privacy and Information Act is essential to ensure they are protected in their role and provide the privacy protections and protections that are in the public interest.”

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Read the Privacy Notice of the Legislation for more information on the changes.