In a letter to the Vermont Governor, Gov.

Peter Shumlin wrote that he was “unable to continue to serve in my capacity as Vermont’s Chief Medical Officer” because of the election of Donald Trump as the country’s 45th President.

Mr Shumlo says that he is being “treated like a criminal by the mainstream media and by a political party whose political agenda I support.” 

On November 9th, Mr Shumpl told the state legislature he would not resign, nor will he be able to participate in any other political activities in his state. 

His letter to Mr Shullin was sent after Mr Shrumlin publicly called Mr Trump a “pathological liar”.

“The election of Mr Trump as our 45th president has caused serious, widespread concern in Vermont, especially among the public health, environmental, economic and social communities,” Mr Shummlin wrote.

“These concerns are being raised in large part due to Mr Trump’s continued efforts to advance the anti-science, anti-democratic and anti-Medicare agenda.” 

Mr Shumline told the New York Times that he and Mr Shuman would not be able to continue to work on medical issues, as he would be required to work as a state representative. 

“We’ve been working on this issue for a long time and there is a reason we do that, and that is because of our commitment to our citizens and our citizens’ health,” he said. 

On Thursday morning, Mr Trump tweeted a link to a story that he said was based on the story in the Vermont newspaper, The Daily Burlington. 

The article, which did not mention Mr Shunlin by name, quoted a letter from Dr Mark Kravitz, the executive director of Vermont Health Solutions, which runs the Vermont Medical Assistance Program. 

Dr Kravits letter said that Dr Shumlock was “a public health professional and health care provider with the highest regard for the public’s health and well-being”, and that he has “the utmost respect for Dr Shullet’s commitment to the public.”

“I want to reassure you that Dr. Shullete is no longer involved with our Vermont Medical Services program,” Dr Kravts letter read. 

In the letter, Dr Klimitz also wrote that his office “will continue to provide free healthcare for all patients regardless of income and that all patients will be treated with respect, dignity and respect.

We are not going to tolerate any interference with our medical system.” 

Dr Shulstein told the Times that the letter was an attempt to “throw me under the bus”, and said he would have preferred to remain neutral, as that would have been the “right thing to do”.

“I have worked on this for many years,” he told the paper.

“We have had a very good relationship.

We have always worked together.

The fact that they are calling me a criminal for being in Vermont as a public health worker, I think that is an insult to the entire medical profession.” 

The US President was not the only one to use a derogatory term for Dr Krivitz. 

Mr Kravitizes wife, Lisa, was also the subject of a virus scare, and was sent home from a hospital in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. 

It was after the election that the Vermont Medical Association exposed a letter from the state’s top doctor that Dr Klevitz wrote to the medical board, calling him a “serial liar”. 

The letter, which Dr Krovitz says is published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, is written by Dr Klamath Kravitek, a head of the medical department at the Vermont Department of Public Health. While Mr Kravitz wrote the letter, Dr Klevitz had never publicly addressed the issue. 

However, after he was caught lying to the medical board, the Vermont Medical Association issued a statement that said it received the letter and sent it to the Governor. 

They also said that they could not provide to Mr Schullin a full copy of the letter because they are being harassed by media media outlets which are trying to discredit Dr Krakitz Dr Schullet has told the Times that he does not support Trump but doesn’t know who Mr Trumps campaign is. 

When asked about the letter in a press conference on Thursday, President Trump tweeted that he had never received the letter and that he had been