Health care has become a priority for President Joe Biden, who signed a bill to make sure the country gets the health care it needs for its own sake.

The president signed the bill into law Friday.

It’s a major achievement for Biden and his team who had been battling to keep up with the rapid expansion of the health insurance market under the Affordable Care Act.

It gives health care workers, patients and providers more options.

The bill allows states to use existing funds from the Affordable Health Care Act to provide coverage to at least 10 million Americans.

It allows states with no health insurance to opt out of the program.

Biden and other administration officials have been trying to put the brakes on the market’s expansion by limiting federal assistance and forcing states to spend their own money on covering people.

The Obama administration has also pushed states to increase the number of insurers they offer and to provide incentives for them to sign up.

But they’ve also been pushing states to reduce the amount of money they spend on health care.

The new law makes it easier for states to do both, said Mark Rosen, vice president for policy and research at Avalere Health, a market research firm.