President Donald Trump has claimed credit for the fact that the U.S. has “the best health insurance policy in [the] world,” despite an ongoing investigation into how his administration is managing its finances.

In an interview with The American Council on Global Affairs’ (ACG) Robert Beck, Trump said the United States has the highest health care spending in the industrialized world and that it is “the single best health plan in the whole world.”

Trump also said the U of A is “going to be a great place for people” and he said he is “totally convinced” that Canada is doing a “great job.”

“We have the best insurance.

Canada is the single best.

It’s the single largest economy in the entire world,” Trump said.

“You have to do well.”

We’re going to be an amazing country for people,” he said.”

The only question is whether you can get a good return on your investment.

We’re going to be an amazing country for people,” he said.

In a March 26 letter to Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the Senate Judiciary Committee said the administration is “already moving forward with a plan to privatize the Affordable Care Act” and “will be issuing regulations that would dramatically curtail the availability of health care services, including maternity care, to Canadians.”

“The Trump administration’s plan to drastically limit access to affordable and quality health care to Canadians will hurt them the most,” the committee said.

Trump’s comments are part of a wider theme of his administration’s actions to weaken protections for Americans, which has been criticized by many in the health care industry.

A new report released Tuesday by the National Association of State Budget Officers (NASBO) said the Trump administration is moving to undermine protections for people with pre-existing conditions and reduce coverage options for millions of Americans with preexisting conditions.

“The president’s budget will further undermine protections, including those related to pre-existing conditions, for millions more Americans with pre