The state of Texas is using its $300 million emergency fund to help those suffering from the coronavirus outbreak in the United States, but the money is being diverted into the pockets of doctors, hospitals and insurance companies, according to a report published Thursday.

“It’s not a ‘mild’ emergency fund, but it’s an emergency fund,” said Dr. Mark O’Brien, director of the Center for Health Care Management at Baylor College of Medicine.

O’Brien said the Texas health department had spent $6 billion on treating the state’s most vulnerable patients.

But the state has not put the money into the fund because it’s not using the funds to provide a “fair share” of healthcare, he said.

“The state is not spending money on a fair share, so it is spending it on the insurance companies,” O’Briensaid.

Obituary:Dr. James C. Sperling, M.D. , President and CEO of the American Medical Association, and the chairman of the National Governors Association, released a statement on Thursday criticizing the way the Texas money is going toward the healthcare system.

The American Medical Associations statement states that the money, which has been earmarked for the state to use to provide healthcare to its residents, is “misdirected and ill-spent.”

“The medical profession is the nation’s leader in patient care and the Texas Medical Association is the world’s leader when it comes to protecting our healthcare systems,” said AMA president Dr. Paul A. DeGruyter.

The Texas Medical Board is currently reviewing the situation.

The health department said that the state will use the money for the following purposes:•The health care system is able to offer the level of care that it needs, including the need for health care to be more accessible and timely for the patients, according a statement from the department.•Health care professionals and other healthcare professionals who need emergency support can access the funds.•Emergency care providers who need to provide medical services to patients and other stakeholders can access funds from the emergency fund for their services.