How to get your mattress back

For many people, the mattress has always been the first place they went for sleep.Now, that’s changing, as research shows that the average person’s sleep is more important than ever.And in some cases, the bed could be their first place of recovery.Sleep experts say there are lots of reasons to be grateful for a mattress.For […]

NHL’s ’emblem’ program will be launched next month

By Mark MessierThe Associated PressThe NHL will launch its “emblem” program in February 2018, the league announced Wednesday.The program will have two tiers: The first tier will include players eligible for the first two tiers, with additional players eligible each month, the NHL said.The second tier will have the players eligible and the team with […]

Is it time for a U.S.-China treaty?

U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley has expressed interest in a U,S.-Chinese treaty for the treatment of the world’s worst pandemic, according to an interview with the Associated Press published Friday.Haley’s comments come amid a growing chorus of concern from human rights activists that China’s treatment of political prisoners is part of a broader crackdown on dissent […]

How to make sure you get your health care coverage at the right time: What to look for in health insurance quotes

Health insurance companies typically charge you a premium based on the type of health plan you have and whether or not you qualify for a deductible or copay.But some insurance companies charge you more based on your income, whether or you qualify as a “senior citizen” or if you are under 65.Here’s how to figure […]

How the GOP healthcare bill would destroy millions of lives

The GOP healthcare reform bill is a massive and unworkable piece of legislation.It is the only piece of legislative legislation that will not address the problem of homelessness in America, it will not improve the health of the homeless population, and it will fail to improve the quality of health care in America.It will also […]

Medical team: German health care system faces $1bn shortfall

Medical teams in Germany are facing a €1bn (£834m) shortfall in the coming years as the country struggles to meet growing demand.Read moreRead moreThe German health system relies heavily on private insurance for about 90% of its services, and the country’s health ministry said on Friday that its funding has been cut by 1.5% since […]

When the world will know if the ‘cough vaccine’ is safe

Shaunee Health Care, an organization that is part of the US National Institutes of Health, recently released a statement announcing that it will begin testing its “cough booster” vaccine in 2020.Shaunee Health says it will be testing its new “Cough Booster” vaccine, and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will be involved in that […]

How to protect yourself from coronavirus in the first few days of symptoms

The world has been on lockdown after coronaviruses first hit in the United States and Europe last month.Now, many countries have imposed limits on travel and shut down airports.Here are five ways to stay safe.1.Don’t get into a car and ride it to work.If you can’t walk to work, don’t even try.It’s not as if […]

How to fix a Humana health plan problem

Health insurance company Humana has revealed it has identified “significant” problems with a major policy breach.Key points:Humana announced a major overhaul of its website, offering users a choice of two options, and it is looking to repair the issueThe company is now offering an option for users to change their mind, with a link to […]

Which health care providers are most likely to treat a preexisting condition?

Posted February 01, 2019 12:19:54 This question has been posed before, but not in the context of health care.A lot of people don’t realize that they are also more likely to have preexistent conditions than other Americans, according to the American Medical Association.Many people don, in fact, have multiple conditions that are not treated, like […]

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