What we know about the Marana Health Care expansion

President Donald Trump is expected to sign a bill on Thursday that will allow the Maranana Health Center to expand its network of emergency care services to include more than 10,000 people.Trump has promised to expand access to health care in the U.S. He also has said that the expansion will help to reduce costs.Here […]

How to make sure your loved ones get the best medical care they deserve

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.(AP) The state of Arkansas’ health care system is struggling to maintain the health of its poorest residents as the state struggles to fill more than a million jobs.But with the economy struggling, a new study by the state’s chief financial officer says Arkansas can afford to pay the bills.Gov.Asa Hutchinson announced this […]

How to fix Obamacare for a few million more people

As many as a million more Americans would have health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, according to a new study.The Kaiser Family Foundation said the findings were based on analysis of new data and were the most detailed look yet at the law’s impact on the health of the nation’s most populous state.In a […]

Royal Commission finds there is no link between children and coronavirus

A royal commission has found there is “no evidence” that the coronaviruses that killed thousands of children in the UK in the early 2000s are linked to coronaviral disease outbreaks in the US.The report by the Royal College of Surgeons and Royal College for Infectious Diseases and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence […]

When It Comes to The Biggest Risks in The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

ZION HEALTH CARE.This is what the New York Times is referring to when it says Israel is using “some of the most aggressive tactics in the Middle East.”The Times is one of the few publications to report that Israel is “using some of the “most aggressive tactics” in the region, including drone strikes and targeted […]

How to raise a child who is sick and needs a child health insurance scheme

2 children in need of child health support child care scheme 1 Child Care Agency for Ireland (CCA) 1 Childcare Agency for Northern Ireland (CAI) Child Care Facilities Agency (CCFA) Childcare Facilities Agency Northern Ireland – Northern Ireland Childcare Services Agency (CFA) Children & Families Agency Northern Island (CFIA) Child Protection Agency Northern Islands – […]

How to avoid a potentially life-threatening infection when you’re on the lam

How do you keep your health care from deteriorating if you’re in a crowded hospital or emergency room?I had the same questions when I got off the plane from Atlanta to Washington, D.C. last month.And the answer, it turns out, is very simple: Just get off the airplane.The truth is, I knew I had to […]

Why I support Donald Trump for president

The Republican Party’s presumptive nominee is going to need a few big wins on Election Day to get him out of the dustbin of presidential history.But, it seems, a few of those victories might come from the people in the room with him: his voters.So, who are the people Trump has to woo on Election […]

How to get a medical marijuana license

Health care professionals are getting more aggressive about getting their licenses, with the number of licensed health care practitioners growing.That’s largely due to the new federal laws that have been passed, and are currently being enforced.In addition, the federal government has issued a series of regulations to regulate medical marijuana businesses, making it easier to […]

‘F*cking ridiculous’: US health care workers are demanding a refund after their hospital is bombed

The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) has demanded the release of all US government workers who were injured during a terrorist attack on the US Capitol last week, a day after they were released from the hospital.The strike has led to a sharp increase in hospital closures in the US.The AFGE has been campaigning […]

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