Allen Health Care says its ‘all clear’ that the coronavirus crisis is over

Allen Healthcare says its “all clear” that the global pandemic crisis is “over”.The company’s chief executive, Dr Andrew Soh, said the company would not be making any further announcements about the new coronaviruses.“I’m confident in the fact that we’re all clear on that,” he said.Dr Soh also said the new pandemic was over and the […]

What do the new health care licenses mean for players, teams?

The NHL announced today that its licensing department has received a total of 6,622 applications for medical cannabis licenses, up from 5,868 applications in 2016.The league expects to issue its next round of licenses in the coming weeks, and will work with interested organizations to select the best applicants.For the first time, all 32 NHL […]

How to fix a Humana health plan problem

Health insurance company Humana has revealed it has identified “significant” problems with a major policy breach.Key points:Humana announced a major overhaul of its website, offering users a choice of two options, and it is looking to repair the issueThe company is now offering an option for users to change their mind, with a link to […]

How to protect your health care coverage from a Medicare takeover

Medicare, which provides healthcare benefits to millions of Americans, is set to become a bigger share of U.S. health care spending over the next decade as the U.K. and other countries try to implement universal healthcare.Here’s what you need to know about the plans.Read MoreThe government, the insurance industry and the pharmaceutical industry have all […]

How to manage your dog’s health care

Dogs need a good quality of life in order to thrive, but that doesn’t mean they need to suffer, says senior health care at Allen HealthCare.Senior health care is responsible for administering a range of health care and wellness services to senior citizens, people with chronic health conditions, the elderly and disabled.They also manage the […]

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