How to tackle inequality in health care: What you need to know

By the time the news broke, the headline had been changed to “Greenville Health Care’s $200 million capital campaign” and the news coverage of the hospital’s announcement had been mostly negative.But the hospital had made a big mistake.It had underestimated the level of inequality in the hospital system, and underestimated the extent of the problem.Greenville’s […]

Health care reform bill kills VA hospital overhaul, says study

In September, the House passed a bipartisan bill that would make a $2.1 billion cut to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and increase funding for the American Red Cross.It would also prevent the VA from spending any more money on an ambitious new medical research facility at Johns Hopkins University.But it didn’t go nearly […]

How to get health care coverage from one provider

The first step to getting health insurance coverage from your local provider is to fill out the local health care provider survey.The survey asks you some basic questions, including your name, address, phone number, city and state.You’ll need to provide your health insurance status and whether or not you are eligible for a tax credit.After […]

How to prevent a heart attack, and how to prevent an accident, with heart rate monitors and heart monitors, according to Dr. David R. Hochberg, M.D.

Posted August 17, 2018 06:31:33 The best way to prevent heart attacks is to get a heart monitor, Dr. Hockenberry says.This article originally appeared on CBS News.Originally published August 17 at 11:20 a.m.

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