Healthcare network ‘scares the hell out of me’ for not covering hurricane response

By JOE REEDMANCNNHealthCare Network host Joy Reid said the network’s coverage of Hurricane Katrina is “scary” for her.The network aired an hourlong documentary on Tuesday titled “The Untold Story of Katrina,” which is available on YouTube.It’s an exploration of the storm, from its aftermath to the recovery, according to a description on the network website.The […]

Healthcare fraud and fraud prevention

The health care fraud and security industry is growing fast and expanding at a rapid pace.And, the industry is becoming more aggressive about protecting its assets and its customers.But the challenges of protecting these assets and protecting its customers can be difficult, and the industry needs to learn to adapt to them.As an industry, we […]

Health network in Kerala is facing legal troubles

Kerala, India – A group of lawyers is challenging the health care ethics code, claiming it infringes on the right to privacy of its residents and citizens.The legal battle has been launched by the Kerala Rural Health Network (KRHN) in a plea seeking a judicial review.The network, which is owned by the state government, is […]

How to get to the hospital when you’re sick

A new study finds that more than half of all U.S. residents with chronic health conditions live in areas with no access to safe public transport, while a similar share of those with diabetes live in neighborhoods that have limited access to public transportation.The study by the nonprofit Kaiser Health News found that nearly 6 […]

How to prevent dental problems: learn how to stop the pain

Health workers in Queensland are helping parents who are worried about the future of their childrens teeth by teaching them to prevent the decay of their teeth.Key points:Dentists in Queensland have been using a technique called microchip surgery to teach their patients to prevent decayThe procedure has been used in Australia for about a decadeBut […]

Feds: HIV/AIDS care providers are ‘unethical’ after selling their HIV testing to HIV patients

Feds have charged four providers at a San Francisco health care network that sells HIV testing kits to HIV-positive individuals.The San Francisco AIDS Foundation and two other HIV-care providers are charged with felony counts of illegally selling HIV testing equipment to HIV clients.The indictment says the four defendants violated federal anti-discrimination laws by not disclosing […]

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