Why are some states using ‘misdirected’ money to help the heartland?

The state of Texas is using its $300 million emergency fund to help those suffering from the coronavirus outbreak in the United States, but the money is being diverted into the pockets of doctors, hospitals and insurance companies, according to a report published Thursday.“It’s not a ‘mild’ emergency fund, but it’s an emergency fund,” said […]

New report finds Texas healthcare costs rising faster than the rest of US

New research shows Texas healthcare spending is rising faster the rest for the United States.The study, published Tuesday by the University of California, San Diego, finds that over the past five years, healthcare spending per capita in Texas has risen by over 20% while the national average has remained stable.The study found that Texas healthcare […]

How to stay cool while playing football during Super Bowl LI

The NFL is putting in a lot of emphasis on health in the lead-up to the Super Bowl.But even if you’re not worried about the virus and can play through the cold, there are plenty of other health concerns.Here are some of the more common concerns for fans in New England.Headaches and migraines are the […]

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