When your hospital won’t take care of you: Kaiser Health Care loses $10M in 2017-18

Kaiser Health Care, which serves the Bay Area, announced Friday that it will close its emergency department at least in part due to declining enrollment.The Kaiser Health care has faced declining enrollment over the past few years and was the subject of a recent national survey showing that many Kaiser patients were seeing fewer doctors […]

How to install Windows 10’s regenetic security update in your machine

A recent update to Windows 10 has made it much harder to uninstall a virus or malware that’s been installed by a third party.Windows 10 can now be installed in a way that prevents the installer from installing an uninstaller or a registry key to remove malware or other unwanted programs.Microsoft released the update today […]

Why you should not buy an emblem health insurance

The emblems of a transgender person’s gender identity are a common source of anxiety for many people.They are also a major source of confusion and misinformation.If you’re considering an ember health care product, you’re not alone.You might be worried that you won’t know what your health care provider is saying.Emblem health products are expensive and […]

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